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 The Nat Fraser Case


Pedro Taylor

Posted by admin on July 14, 2012 at 10:55 AM

It should be pointed out that Pedro Taylor did not testify at Nat Fraser's first trial yet he can speak to the media and tell tales just like his mate Hector Dick.


It also came out that he had not been interviewed about what he has said he knew and neither did he come forward with this information also.


Why was he not under arrest for having "specialist" knowledge?


There are so many things that bother me about this case. One thing in particular is that there is not one piece of independent evidence. Any of these allegations made against Nat Fraser come from Carole Gilles, Arlene's other family, friends Arlene was supposed to say things to, and of course Hector Dick and Pedro. Carol Gillies in particular blamed Nat Fraser within hours of her sister going missing.


Both Hector Dick and Pedro should both take lie detectors to see if they pass on vital questions like.


1. Do you know what happened to Arlene?

2. Do you know where she is?

3.Where you involved in her disappearance?

4. Can you say with truth you know Nat Fraser was involved?

5. If yes how do you know?


I am sure there are a million questions these two could be asked. If they failed especially if they failed on "Where is Arlene?" then just maybe we might get to find out the truth.


Though I cannot see any one of them taking a test, and I know they are not allowed in court. It just might help solve some of the mystery of their involvement and what they say they know once and for all.


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Reply admin
10:59 AM on July 14, 2012 
I am left bewildered by this article karen as this is nothing like the evidence he gave at this trial.

There was no mention of Fraser having told him who he hired to kill his wife at this trial and that he dumped her body himself indeed Crown conceded there was no evidence Fraser took part in anything to do with Arlene's disappearance hence the charge sheet did not read Kill his wife.

A/D Mr Prentice did not claim Nat Fraser killed his wife himself and conceded he was elsewhere when his wife went missing, doing his deliveries, an alibi which checked out 100% at every level unlike that of Hector Dick.

I will gladly contribute to any lie detector test for Dick and Taylor if someone wants to set up a fund.